We helped an agricultural company, which specializes in grain augers, crop drying fans, and agricultural heaters by stopping corrosion and managing heat. They were encountering a problem with the burner probe expansion tubes in their grain dryers. Field results were showing that the tubes were prematurely corroding under high temperature and humidity conditions. The problem was found in the application and materials used to coat the 310 stainless steel expansion tube. The previous coating was prone to inconsistent coverage when applied at the fabrication stage. This caused the coating to become fragile and chip at the points of least coverage; ultimately leading to the corrosion of critical parts.

*Grain dryers are used to remove moisture from harvested grain to increase quality and reduce harvesting losses. Any deterioration of performance can have a substantial impact on grain producer’s harvest quality and, ultimately profitability.

The burner probe expansion tubes were first sprayed and cured with a ceramic-metallic base coat followed by a pure ceramic green topcoat.

Due to more consistent coverage and superior corrosion resistance, this agricultural company has decided to use Jet-Hot exclusively for similar coating projects moving forward.


“We really couldn’t be more thrilled at the quality. This is just what we wanted and will make the rest of the process fluid. These are head and shoulders above our now former vendor.”
— Agricultural Customer